Client Testimonials

“I was constantly tired, it was difficult for me to lose weight, and my hormones were all over the place. I didn’t feel comfortable taking hormone replacement drugs. I also was experiencing swelling in my legs. Immediately after beginning the detoxification program, I began losing weight, I had more energy then I ever have before, my hormones naturally balanced themselves, and I no longer experience any pain and swelling in my legs.”

– 54 year old female


“I learned more about health and how  the body works in the first consult, than I have in my entire life. There is so much incorrect information that we are told and I was confused and frustrated. Cara made everything simple to understand and gave me a lot of information that covered everything.”

– 30 year old female


I have been to other natural health practitioners that didn’t provide any answers. I was tired of being in pain but didn’t want to give up on life. I thought the program was like everything else I have seen and done…I was wrong. Within a week I was out of pain and had a ton of energy.”

– 41 year old female


“I never thought the body could heal itself to this level. Thank you for giving me hope.”

– 52 year old male


“I have been a vegan for most of my life and ate healthy most of my life. I thought I was healthy until I started a program. I experienced a high level of energy and began to detoxify immediately. My eyes began to change and the menstrual issues that I had experienced since I was young completely went away.”

– 29 year old female


“This amazing woman does this for a living…She a Holistic Alternative Health Practitioner…She taught us which foods to eat when to eat them and what foods not to eat together.. Seth is actually around 75 days in this picture losing over 35lbs, i’ve lost over 20lbs…”NO EXERCISE”NO PILLS” Spend your money on something that’s really healthy for your body.”

-29 year old female and 30 year old male












* Results very from person and person. It is impossible to know how quickly the body will begin to cleanse and heal itself. Most people begin to feel a difference in their body within the first week.

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