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Are you ready to finally achieve your health goals? 

Do you feel as if you never have enough energy?

Are you tired of never getting results or health answers that work?

Have you found that losing weight is impossible no matter what you do?

Do you just want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Do you want your body to heal itself?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past… I know you can have the results you desire!


Let me show you how…

I am a doctor of natural health and hygiene and specialize in working with those seeking health, healing and education (just like you!) to help them successfully heal their bodies, lose weight or prevent illnesses. I assess a person’s dietary and lifestyle habits and customize programs that enable their body to reach its maximum healing and performance potential; all while providing support and guidance to increase a person’s chance of success.


My Detoxification program is not your typical diet or health program. Instead, it’s a program that focuses on the elimination of metabolic (cellular) waste and the regeneration or rebuilding of cells.


I will coach you through a process that has not only worked for my clients, but for myself as well.


If you’re interested in learning more about working with me, schedule a FREE 30 minute Health Strategy Session now.


During this session we’ll discuss your vision for your health, some of the obstacles that stand in your way, and how I can help you achieve your goals naturally and drug-free.



Why Do You Need a Health Program?

  1. Support – Many do not have the support of friends or family, or they are unable to provide the support. The journey to health is not always an easy journey and without support, a person is destined to fail. Support is extremely important once willpower is gone.

  2. Confusion – With so much information a person may have difficulty knowing what choices are best for them and their lifestyle.

  3. Accountability – Regular check-ins help people to feel accountable for their health choices and often deter someone from making unhealthful choices.

  4. Health Challenges Change – As a person progresses through the process of detoxification, new health challenges arise as their body readjusts and begin to heal. What works during the beginning of the program may not be as effective midway through and adjustments must be made.

  5. True Healing – Many current health programs are superficial in their teachings, they are beneficial but are limited in the benefit that people achieve. Detoxification goes deeper allowing the body to heal itself.

  6. Continued Education – It is impossible to cover ever aspect of  health in one session. During the program each person will gain more and more information and understanding to help them assist in achieving their health goals.

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