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Health Programs

There are several health programs to choose from to address each client’s specific needs. Each program is customized to fit and assist each individual.  To determine what program is best fit for you.

Detoxification Program

The detoxification program is a deep cellular cleansing. This isn’t your normal weekend or short-term cleanse, this program is an intensive cleansing that leads to cell regeneration with the assistance of not only customized diet plans but also customized herbal protocols. Everyone may benefit from detoxification; while detoxification maybe a necessity for others such as those dealing with chronic illness, chronic pain, reoccurring illness, genetic weaknesses, organ or gland malfunction, infertility, and those wanting to have children in the future.

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Wellness Program

The Wellness Program addresses every aspect of health including lifestyle and coping with stress. The wellness program is a gradual process and the client will learn new inform every session with an easy to implement plan. The client will leave the program with more confidence and assurance when making decisions for their own and their family’s health. This program is beneficial to everyone and is a good transition program out of the Detoxification Program.

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Food Relationship Program

The Food Relationship Program is specifically for those that struggle with emotional eating, under-eating, food addictions, or any other unhealthy relationship with food. This program is an intensive systematic program to working the client out of their destructive behaviors and towards a more healthful lifestyle.

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Athletic Program

The Athletic Program is designed specifically for athletes of all levels and all ages. The program assists in cell regeneration, recovery, endurance, strength, brain health, and flexibility. In the program, natural supplements are implemented and dangerous athletic health myths are exposed.

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Group Programs

Group programs and consulting are available for a group of six people or more. All of the above programs are available for group sessions. Groups are great for organizations, corporations, gyms, clubs, etc. Groups offer additional support and feedback, and assist in an individual’s growth.

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Other Services


Iridology (also known as iridiagnosis or irisdiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique that examines the iris of an individual and determines information about the client’s systemic health. The eyes are the “windows” into the body’s state of health.

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