Why six month programs?

Studies have shown that if someone does something for six months, it is more likely to become long-term. Regarding detoxification, it sometimes can take six months or longer to achieve the full desired results depending on the current state of health.

The goal is after six months of working together, the client will have a deeper understanding of health and lifestyle that works best for them. In addition, the client will achieve whatever health goals they may have had and be in a better state of health than before.

How do the programs work?

The programs are six-month health counseling programs. During the six months, the client will have twelve one-on-one consultations. Together we will look at their current diet and lifestyle choices and customize a plan for how to upgrade and detoxify all aspect of the client’s life. These consultations maybe done in person, over the phone, or Skype.


What if I am unable to make a consultation?

If a client is unable to make a consultation, it may be rescheduled for a later date. The client is allowed to reschedule two consultations with a 24-hour notice of cancellation by email or phone.

How quickly will I begin to feel better?

Each individual has different health issues and concerns and are at different levels of health. Because of this, each individual experience is different. On average, a person may begin to feel better within the first week or two. An increase of energy, better sleep, weight loses, and clearer thinking has all been experienced. A person may also experience withdraw or healing crisis symptoms within the first few weeks or several months later. This is why long-term programs are necessary. Each client will feel drastic results, but determining when is somewhat impossible.

What about confidentiality?

Like any other health professional, all information is kept strictly confidential.

Do you except credit cards?

Credit card payments are expected through PayPal.

How much do the programs cost?

Initial consultations are $180 and follow-up consults are $90.

Does everyone need a customized plan?

Yes. Each individual has different strengths, weaknesses, genetic makeup, health histories, toxicity levels, and concerns. Each person’s body reacts differently to each customized program and requires specific guidance. What works for one person may not work for another.

Do you except insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this type of service but after completely one of the programs, your insurance premiums may be reduced, depending on your insurance provider. Clients are encouraged to find health insurance companies that reward health. Some insurance companies give reduced premiums for those who have normal weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels.

These programs are a small investment into your health. Preventable degenerative diseases are the number one cause of most bankruptcies, regardless of insurance coverage due to high co-pays. The programs will more than pay for themselves and will save the client thousands of dollars in the end. Many clients find that by simply giving up an inexpensive bad habit, will more than pay for a program along with supplements. Being able to see your kids grow up, playing with your grandkids, being active in your later years, being out of pain, watching your body heal, and being able to have the healthy baby you have dreamt about, is priceless!


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