Iridology Assessment

 Iridology Assessment by Phone or Email

How Assessments Work

  1. Download Consent Form and Download How to Take Iris Photo.  All required forms and instructions on how to take a proper photo may be sent to you by email is requested.

  2. Send iris photos and completed form back 

  3. Make Payment.  Payment should not be made until forms are completed and photos have been approved.

  4. Receive Report or Schedule Appointment. If email assessment is selected, then a report with the findings will be emailed back to you within 48 hours of payment. If Phone consultation is selected, then a report will be emailed back to you and several available times for your phone assessment will be provided. Selected the most convenient time that works for you.

  5. Call at Appointed Time. You will than call the number provided at the time of you consult. Please make sure to limit distractions if at all possible. (only applies to phone consultation)


How Much Do Assessments Cost?

Iridology Assessment by Email – $75.00

With the assessment by email you will receive a 19 page confidential report explaining the findings.

Iridology Assessment by Phone – $125.00

The assessment by phone still includes a 19 page confidential report explaining the findings along that will be emailed and then gone through during a phone consultation. This consultation will include changes that can be made to improve tissue strength and health.


Contact to Schedule an Appointment



What is Iridology?

By examining the iris, the body’s state of health (tissue health and strength) can be determined along with the function of individual organs and systems. Genetic strengths and weaknesses may also be seen, along with inflammation, congestion, malabsorption, etc. It also may reveal the levels of health in the body that are affected by a person’s lifestyle and habits; for example, the direct abuse of an organ, such as smoking, may be directly affecting and weakening the cells of another. Iridology is beneficial in seeing how habits are affecting the health of the body and what type and degree of healing crisis a person may be likely to experience.

Iridology is not magic or a diagnostic tool and cannot diagnose or see diseases, but rather a detailed method of examining the function and health of the body’s cells. After an iridology exam, further steps maybe taken to move into a preventative direction and assist the body in detoxification, strengthening and healing                                        

Why The Eyes?

The eyes – and the irises – are direct offshoots from the nervous system. Hundreds of thousands of nerve fibers make up the optic nerve and many of these end in the iris. Some iridologists say it is for this reason that the eyes – as a result of the information they receive from the brain – are like VDUs, giving an accurate representation of the state of the rest of the body. Others compare it to reflexology, in which the foot is said to be sensitive to what is happening through all the ‘zones’ of the body.

The health of each individual organ along with the overall health of the body, or lack there of is reflected in the irises. When a person is truly healthy, their eyes reflect their state of health.

The various markings and patterns revealed in the iris may include:

  • Areas of stressiridology-chart
  • Inflammation
  • Toxicity in the body
  • Lymphatic congestion
  • Body constitution 
  • Colon conditions
  • Digestion tendencies 
  • How efficient nutrients are absorbed
  • Potential healing crisis during detoxification
  • Overall health of the body
  • Weakened glands or organs
  • Condition of nervous system 
  • …and much more!


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