Today many are suffering from information overload. It has become more than difficult to separate truth from corporate funded information. Many acquire their health information from commercials and other facts-mythsfinancially motivated sources as they continue to progress in their illnesses. Truth must be tested and proven to be true; not tested in a lab but tested in real life situations. The result of trial and error is truth when someone is seeking to find it.

Unfortunately today health, nutrition and disease are the most misunderstood subjects when concerning the body. Health is thought to be the absence of disease, the suppression of disease or symptoms equates health, and nutrition is thought to be food. All of these schools of thought are in error to some degree. We are a product of our education. The so-called healers and authority in health are just as sick as their patients; when they fall ill to a degenerative disease their is very little hope.

The goal of Intuitive Health and Nutrition Consulting is to reeducate those who are seeking knowledge, and guide them to health.

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