Detoxification for True Healing


The Illusion of Disease Ballet Dancer on Bench with Arms Outstretched


Diseases are very real to those who have them; the fact that diseases are illusions is not to say that the pain they feel, the exhaustion or distress isn’t real. A person must first understand disease to understand the illusion. A disease is not a definitive term, but a classification.

All diseases are terms that classify symptoms and the area these symptoms have manifested. The disease or rather “dis-ease” is not the issue, the issue is what is causing the symptoms. Disease is not the cause of itself, nor is the removal or suppression of symptoms the key to health. The illusion is that the disease is the issue and through treatment one can obtain health; this is false and on the contrary builds more disease.

Treatment Builds Disease

The treatment of disease is the suppression of symptoms. By suppressing symptoms the cause is not being identified and is not being removed.  Pain, cancer, arthrosclerosis, MS, chronic headaches, pain, infertility, arthritis, digestive disorders, weight gain, weight loss, and so forth are all symptoms.

The first myth is that only one area of the body is affected by some diseases while the remaining body is in a state of health; this has lead to the dissection of human-beings who have had organs or glands removed in a desperate attempt to obtain health. The truth is that the cause of disease is affecting the entire body even though it may only seem to manifest in only one area; this is why you will never find someone with just one disease. There will be a multitude of conditions that they struggle with, followed by a multitude of medications. The entire body is made-up of cells that work together. The body cannot be isolated regardless of isolated treatment. Stomach issues associated with poor dietary habits and improper eating can trigger heart palpitations. The heart is not the issue, it is only reacting to stimuli. This is just one cause and one example of many.

The second myth is that health can be found in treatment. This is proof that health is not understood. Health is not the absence of disease or symptoms. There are two classifications of disease: acute and chronic. Acute disease is often the body’s natural detoxification process to eliminate accumulated waste. We often ignore this process and seek medications to suppress this action. Over the years of compulsive suppression, cells are greatly damaged and normal metabolic function is affected; this process is classified as chronic disease.

Disease anything is apart from normal cell function. This is causes by an accumulation of metabolic waste and other waste taken into the body. There are multiple causes for this and requires the examination of one’s lifestyle and habits to identify.

Treatment based thinking is similar to trying to get someone sober while they continue to drink. Treatment leaves the unaddressed cause or causes that will continue to build over a person’s lifetime until finally leading to death.


Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus, and Parasites… Oh My!


scared nurseIf there are so many bad things in nature trying to kill us, then how has the human species survived as long as it has? Why is it that wild animals do not have the same “diseases” domesticated animals and humans develop if microorganisms cause disease? We may see this change in the very near future only due to human interference with nature. The “germ theory” was thought up of by a man names Louis Pasture. He later refuted this theory before his death stating that the terrain was much more important than the germ.


Everything is nature serves a purpose, every fly, worm, slug, and maggot. These are all the parasites of the earth that eliminate dead waste. In nature the strong survive and the weak are consumed and eliminated, this is also true when it comes to the human body. Bacteria, fungus and parasites all consume weak or dead cells and waste that are produced by the body or taken into the body; while viruses are dead cells. Parasites are not needed within a healthy body and are quickly detoxified and viruses have no affect. These microorganisms are at most secondary factors. It is the internal environment that determines the development of disease.


Detoxification is the Only Path to Health


What the body does not eliminate, it accumulates. The body then produces symptoms such as cold and flu like symptoms in an attempt to clean and eliminate waste. In more advanced cases the body may attempt to isolate the toxic waste in an attempt to preserve life. The body is a magnificent specimen and will do all it can to survive, in spite of what has been done to it.

Detoxification does not treat disease. Detoxification eliminates wastes that the body produces everyday internally and waste that is taken into the body, strengthens cells, and brings the body back into harmony. Detoxification also increases energy by removing emotional and physical obstructions and gives the body what it needs to heal itself. No man is capable of healing the human body, only God and the body is capable of such miracles; man is only capable of facilitating such miracles.


Benefits of Detoxification/Cellular Regeneration


  • Mucus EliminationthCATR0W4L
  • Mucoid Plaque Elimination
  • Increase of Energy
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Decrease of Inflammation
  • Elimination of Parasites
  • Weight Loss
  • Increase in Cell Function
  • Weight Gain (if underweight)
  • Strengthening of Tissues
  • Hair Growth if Balding
  • Increase in Strength
  • Increase in Stamina
  • Better Sleep
  • Increased Fertility
  • Balance of Hormones
  • Nerve Regeneration
  • Strengthening of Bones
  • Decrease recovery time
  • And So Much More….

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