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A person’s health affects all aspects of their life including work habits, concentration, mental agility, and energy levels all increasing work productivity. Workplace health programs and workshops are a great way to start employees and employers alike on the journey to health.

In general, healthier employees are more productive.



  • Healthier employees are less likely to call in sick or use vacation time due to illness.
  • Companies that support workplace health have a greater percentage of employees at work every day.
  • Because employee health frequently carries over into better health behavior that impact both the employee and their family, employees may miss less work caring for ill family members as well.
  • Often employers pay a certain percentage of the employees health insurance. An employee that has hypertension, diabetes, or who is overweight or practicing any of the disease promoting habits such as smoking will cause their insurance rates to increase.
  • Healthier employees are more alert and are involved in less work place related accidents and/or make less mistakes while on the job.

Why offer health programs and workshops to  your employees?

  1. A person spends most of their day at work and are more likely to obtain and apply information gathered throughout their workday.
  2. It’s an investment and leads to happier, healthier, more productive employees.
  3. Employees are able to learn coping mechanisms to apply at work while at work.
  4. Most employees are not aware of how their current health state is affecting their work performance and are less-likely to search for and apply information themselves.
  5. Workshops provide a group setting and employees feel as though they are held to a certain level of accountability to their fellow piers.
  6. When people learn as a group, they help motivate each other.

The cost savings of providing a workplace health program can be measured against costs to train replacement employees, absenteeism among employees, reduced overtime to cover absent employees, lower insurance costs, less wasted time fixing mistakes and an increase of revenue due to the increased productivity.

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