Cara is a Holistic Alternative Health Practitioner with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Science of Natural Health and Healing along with holding several certifications in other healing arts. She specializes in detoxification, iridology, orthopathy, holistic nutrition, holistic equine therapies, and other healing modalities.

With over nine years of dedication, experience, and understanding of the inner workings of the human body, Cara is truly a living inspirational teacher of the healing arts. She has studied under some of the greatest healers of our time and has dedicated her life to continuing their work.

Cara began studying the healing arts after her grandfather had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She knew at the time just because the doctors didn’t know the answers didn’t mean there wasn’t any. She enrolled in school and began her journey. Her grandfather passed away due to the treatment of his cancer while Cara was just beginning her studies. The experience has driven Cara to attempt to save as many people from experiencing the same pain that her family endured. 

She believes that the root cause of disease and sickness should be addressed instead of treating the symptoms, as symptoms are the body’s way of attempting to eliminate and heal, or signals of toxicity and malfunction of the cells. The body is a self-healing organism and is capable of healing itself if provided the proper environment.

Cara’s passion is contagious. She believes in what she does because she has seen amazing and miraculous results. She takes pride in her clients understanding and learning the inner workings of the human body. Health is her life and she hopes to change the world by helping one person at a time.


Basic Principles of Intuitive Health & Nutrition

A Rare and Unique Combination of Healing Arts

Intuitive Health and Nutrition Consulting is based around Natural Hygiene, Holistic Nutrition, Ancient healing secrets, and Naturopathic philosophies that have been used for thousands of years. By implementing this rare and strategic combinations of philosophies and therapies, a higher level and standard of health is obtained and can only be described as miraculous. This combination of healing arts is even rare and unique to the alternative health community.

By addressing the body as an entirety and providing the body with the tools necessary to detoxify, nurture, and rebuild itself; every cell is able to regenerate and heal. Once the body is functioning at its highest levels, a new found physical level is to follow, pushing far beyond the body’s previous limitations.superior Acid Alkaline Balanced nutrition approach, detoxification, and herbal and natural supplements; optimal nutrition, health, healing is easily achieved.


Health is not a birth right. Only nature holds the key to true health. Intuitive Health and Nutrition stands above the rest by addressing the cause and not the symptom. No synthetic pills, drugs, starvation diets, pyramid schemes, isolated vitamins or minerals…only fast results. Get to the Cause of your problem. Don’t cheat yourself; take your body to the next level with Intuitive Nutrition and Health Consulting.


Unknowingly many medical professionals and alternative health practitioners promote and teach misguided information and half truths. This information is driven by corporate funded studies and marketing tactics. The goal is not to help people achieve optimal health but rather help corporations increase revenue. Much of this information is not only harmful to your health in the long run, but can also retard many of the body’s natural processes and hinder your body’s natural healing capabilities.
With so much contradicting information being driven into the minds of consumers and professionals, many are left confused with a lot of questions such as:

Am I getting enough protein?th (4)

Is too much protein harmful?

Do I need to take supplements?

Are all supplements safe?

Is sickness and disease a natural process?

fertility Do I need milk for strong healthy bones?

How much water do I need to consume?

Can my diet address colds, flues, and allergies?

How much does my diet really affect my health?

Can my diet influence my pain levels?

Does my health affect my future child’s health?
…… and so much more

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