About Health Consultations

Health programs and consultations are customized to fit the needs of each individual. Your current state of health is assessed, along with current dietary and lifestyle habits, and a program is created based upon the information, personal desires and needs.

Programs and/or consultations can be created to go as fast or slow as you and your body are comfortable with. Progress, education and empowerment is always the goal.

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The Initial Consultation Process

  1. Send Request. Send a request stating interest in a consultation Contact@IntuitiveHealthandNutrition.com or fill out form on contact page.
  2. Forms and Instructions will be emailed to you. All required forms and instructions on how to take a proper photo will be sent to you email address.
  3. Make Payment.  Payment will not be excepted until forms are completed and photos have been approved.
  4. Schedule Appointment. If email assessment is selected, then a report with the findings will be emailed back to you within 48 hours of payment. If Phone consultation is selected, then a report will be emailed back to you and several available times for your phone assessment will be provided. Selected the most convenient time that works for you.
  5. Call or Arrive at Appointed Time. You will than call the number provided at the time of you consult. Please make sure to limit distractions if at all possible. (only applies to phone consultation)


Follow-Up Consultations

Follow-ups are usually every two weeks, but maybe every week, month or year depending on the person’s current state of health and needs.

  1. Follow-ups maybe determined after initial consultation or anytime after.
  2. Make a payment, if applicable.
  3. Schedule and Appointment
  4. Call or Arrive at Appointed Time. 


What can I expect from a program?

  1. A gained sense of knowledge and awareness. With each consultation you will gain more understanding and truth regarding health, you body, and nutrition.
  2. Material. Each program comes with information for you to take for review. You will also receive charts and cheat-sheets to assist you in your process after the consultation.
  3. Improved Health. Regardless your goal or vision for your body, there will be an improvement, making these goals more attainable.


Why Choose a Program? 4025064_orig

  1. Misinformation. There is an abundance of information available at anyone’s fingertips, unfortunately much of this information is not only incorrect but harmful to one’s health. Healing information is not going to and is not expected to be remembered, retained, nor all given during one consultation. With each consultation you will learn more and more about your body, your situation,  and healing.
  2. Support. At times the journey towards health and healing can become painful and having the support of someone who is not only knowledgeable but who has also gone through it and who has help many others, can make the journey more enjoyable. Having support also makes someone accountable and more likely to accomplish the goals that they have set; this is beneficial when motivation has faded.
  3. A Different View. Many times it takes another person’s point of view to actually see what’s truly going on, physically and emotionally. Each professional is different and brings a different set of knowledge and understanding to each situation. Many of this information is helpful but superficial and is limited in its results. The offered programs differ by going deeper and addressing the true cause and allowing the body to heal.
  4. Guidance. Often adjustments must be made during the healing process that if not made could cause them to quit and miss accomplishing their health and healing goals.
  5. Holistic Healing. Programs provide a personal and customized holistic approach that many fail to provide. The cause is found, addressed, and removed so that the body may begin to heal, strengthen, and function properly.


How are payments made?


  1. Make payment online.

  2. Mail check or money order.

Payments maybe made separately before appointments.

*** All information gathered during consultations is kept private. Your information will never be shared with anyone without written consent. 


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